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This year, the theme of Plumb Memorial Library’s summer reading program is On Your Mark, Get Set… Read!  Participants can register online, or at the Plumb Memorial Library, starting Monday, June 13th.  If you register online, be sure to come in to pick up your bag with information and goodies!

This summer, kids get to play bingo!  Fill out rows on a bingo card;  each row completed earns 1 Kids Cash (KC) spendable for fun items at Plumb’s Kids-Only Store, and one raffle ticket for a chance at a grand prize.  Complete as many rows and as many bingo cards as you can!  (See full rules below)

In addition, there will be special programs for registered participants!  We have yoga classes, dance classes, trail walks, and nutrition workshops.  These programs have limited space and require individual registration, but are only open to those kids already registered in On Your Mark, Get Set…. Read!  Participants will receive email reminders for each program once the program registration begins.

On Your Mark, Get Set…. Read!  rules:

Register online or at the Plumb Memorial Library.  If you register online, stop in the library to pick up your bag with your bingo card, other materials, and a few goodies!  Then get started!  This summer, kids will earn their own rewards in the form of “Kids Cash”.  Once a kid completes a row from her/his bingo card, s/he will earn 1 Kids Cash (KC) spendable for fun items in our Plumb Kids-Only Store. Kids finishing a row will also get a raffle ticket for our great Grand Prizes at the end of the program.  The more rows completed on your card, the more Kids Cash and tickets earned!

  • Register and receive 2 KC
  • Complete the activities** on one or more rows on your bingo card (12 rows per card total)
  • Bring the card to the Children’s Department, receive your Kids Cash & Grand Prize Raffle Ticket
  • Receive 1 KC and one Grand Prize Raffle Ticket per completed row
  • Go shopping in the Plumb Kids-Only Store! You must complete at least one row on your bingo card to shop. You can spend your Kids Cash right away or save for an item you want
  • Place your Grand Prize Raffle Ticket in the drawing for the grand prize of your choice
  • Continue working on your bingo card to earn more Kids Cash and more raffle tickets. Each row completed earns 1 KC and one raffle ticket
  • Each fully completed card earns an additional Grand Prize Raffle Ticket
  • Complete as many cards as you can!
  • Cards must be returned by August 5th! No exceptions!
  • Cash must be spent by August 5th. The Kids-Only Store closes for good at 3:30 on August 5th

**Children may modify any activity to meet their physical abilities**

Upon collecting Kids Cash and Grand Prize Raffle Tickets, the child is responsible for them.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  If you lose your Kids Cash or Grand Prize Raffle Tickets, there are NO REPLACEMENTS.  You will have to get another bingo card and start over.

Plumb Kids-Only Store

We want the store to be a “kids-only” experience.  Making decisions independently encourages higher level thinking with no downside. Please remember that at Plumb Library, Kids Cash is “money” that kids have earned themselves, and the “choices” they make in spending it are valuable lessons.  ALL SALES FINAL

Plumb Kids-Only Store Hours:

June 14th – August 5th
Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday: 10am to 7:30pm
Wednesday: 10am to 12 noon; 4pm to 7:30pm
Friday: 10am – 3:30pm